Aethyr ARN, The Shamada Priest

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ARN [pronounced “are-ra-na”] is the place where you become a Shamada Priest and take the Shamada Trials. Shamada is a name that means “Origin!” It denotes a spiritual person that can install peace and harmony in the world around them. A Shamada “inspires” people to rise above the mundane and become something more.

At Shamada Temple you are given the trials to help you understand this level of yourself. The trials, even though they occur within the spiritual plane, can be very demanding emotionally and mentally. It is normal to feel off or strange after one of these trials.

The trials that you experience will be unique to your personal makeup. There is no pass or fail here. Just completing a particular trial. Each trial will help you unlock something unique within you to help you with the Shamada level. Meditating on your experiences after you have had them can help greatly in understanding why that trial was presented in that way for you.

One of the things a Shamada priest can do is transcend karma. *Karma is an imbalance in energy between individuals. *A Shamada can transmute karma of others channeling it straight into divinity where it will be processed by the Creator. The Shamada Priest is tethered to divinity in a way you have not seen before.

Notes and useful information

  • The ARN angelic healers come from this level of reality. They heal with light and love from the Creator.
  • A Shamada priest in theory can transmute karma to a higher level of reality for others, without taking on the karma themselves. They become a pure bridge to divinity. However you are advised that you let the ARAGOTH karma healers transmute other people’s karma while you are still incarnated within physical reality.
  • This level ARN and the next LIL are often worked at the same time, so it is not necessary to complete ARN before you can enter LIL.
  • You become a Shamada Priest once you enter Shamada Temple and start the trials. The trials just help you to hone and shape your new spiritual level. The trials may continue until you fully take back your divinity in LIL. As you will see in the next Aethyr LIL, your transformation to a divine being occurs here in ARN. In LIL you learn to shed the things holding you back from your eventual transition to a higher plane of existence (Ascension).
  • Master Blueprint: In LIL and ARN you can tune into the master blueprint that is created by your Monad and used for all your 144 selves. Meditation on the master blueprint will speed along your ability to reach the title earned in LIL of “Master of the Ages!”
  • The ARAGOTH Karma Healers come from the Aethyr level MAZ.

About this Picture: A being is transformed from the phoenix fire into something new, etheric, and holy. A pyramid channels celestial energy into the environment. The obelisks contain the energy and channel it into the transformation process.