Aethyr BAG, Battle with LIXIPSP

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BAG is A beautiful place once you master it. It is the first test or initiation in the Aethyr training system. It is a test of character of what you are made of. It also is a place to learn some very useful skills, like removing astral entities or dark energy from your energy field. As your energy field strength and vibration increase, you will become more visible to the various astral entities that shackle themselves to people.

Astral entities feed off negative traits emitted by their hosts, whoever that may be. When you start doing spiritual work, you naturally clear yourself of these nuisances. But that does not mean you are clear forever. The new problem you face is when you come in contact with others, if they carry any dark energy, entities, or demons, they can jump to you, because they see your bright white light. Like a moth to a flame, they are unaware that this energy, which you emit, will eventually be their downfall.

These astral entities usually are operating at the level of instinct. They go to the greatest source of energy they can find. It is not really evil intent, but of course they are like a blight on your evolving spiritual system. So part of the spiritual journey involves keeping yourself clean of these guys. There are two places that deal with this kind of training. One is Justice Glad Council Chamber in the Tree of Life and the second is BAG. However in Justice Glad you will only learn technique. To practice what you learn there you would need to engage in some training simulation or test your skills in live reality. BAG is that training simulation.

The demon in BAG is called Lexpee. Lexpee is a force that digs up your deepest subconscious psychic contents and complexes and exposes them openly to you, bringing up hidden biases, desires, and faults that you have previously ignored or forgotten. He can appear in any form he wants but usually it is something that invokes a bit of fear or terror. He has appeared as a large insect looking creature (pictured), a dark wizard or magician, Voldamort from Harry Potter, a large menacing robot, even some alien hybrid.

The idea is to battle Lexpee, if your energy is pure enough, you may be able to befriend him. But keep in mind, that if you carry any kind of fear, lack, or attachment into BAG, he will turn on you. It is in Lexpee’s nature to consume fear and weakness. The battle with Lexpee can take many forms. The basic magical sword that you get from Castle Sandalphon can be used here to break up Lexpee. Also the “Sword of Lost Souls,” which you also get in Castle Sandalphon for saving lost souls, can be used as well. This sword will shine a bright spiritual light that keeps dark entities away and protects the spiritual pure.

There are other sorts of test Lexpee can administer to you on your visits here. One is a test of character to show your spiritual alignment. Other tests can involve aspects of yourself that can hold you back spiritually. Some of these tests may involve Lexpee and others may just have you in BAG on your own confronting the inner parts of yourself that can hold you back.

Upon successful completion of BAG, Lexpee will give you the *Shiny Black Outline in your aura. This outline tells other dark energy beings and astral entities that you are not to be trifled with. In effect, it deters many of these low level creatures from coming after you. They see the mark in your energy field and know to move on. You also will receive the key for the next Aethyr ZAA.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Lexpee’s full name is LIXIPSP (pronounced – EL-EE-ZEE-PEH-SEH-PEH). I just call him Lexpee (LEX-PEA), it is simper and it works just the same.
  • Typically you cannot just enter BAG. You should complete the 4 each sections in Aethyr level TEX and RII. See those if you have not yet done them before working on BAG.
  • Demons in the Aethyrs cannot be destroyed, only conquered. They exist to teach you certain things that you cannot learn any other way.
  • Gift: Shiny Black Outline in your aura to help ward off negative entities and astral creatures.
  • *The Shiny Black Outline in the aura is a upgraded version of the Black Outline from Valhalla in Tree of Life Sphere Binah.
  • ZAA Keycard: Gets you access to the next Aethyr "ZAA Aerospace."

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