Aethyr DEO, the Dragon's Tooth (KEKI Spire)

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The main lesson in DEO [pronounced dee-oh] is the development of spiritual love and compassion. The atmosphere in DEO is plain and no fuss, despite the intense energy from the Dragons completing their training here. The *Dragon's Tooth (more formally called KIKA [key-kah] Spire) is the central part of DEO. It houses the Dragons in training as well as the teachers and masters that work at this level of reality. Water and fire energy is strong here because spiritual compassion and love require "just" the right emotional balance. Too much energy in the hot or cold direction your judgment could be impaired.

Spiritual love and compassion involve caring about an individual because they are a part of you and a part of the universe, regardless of how moral or just you feel they may be. Each person carries within them the divine spark that someday will turn them into a spiritual being, even if that time be hundreds of years from now. The possession of spiritual love and compassion guarantee that you will not treat another unjustly, even when you are protecting yourself from those that are trying to undo your divine work. It is not until you possesses the true wisdom of divine love and compassion that you will be permitted graduate this place and move upward to the next Aethyr region.

Completion of DEO is dependent on what you are accomplishing with your spiritual training. For non Magical Dragons, you must demonstrate you know what spiritual love and compassion are. For those seeking to become Magical Dragons, additionally, you must complete the Magical Dragon trials provided here in this Aethyr.

A Magical Dragon is a powerful spiritual force. The following skills and traits is what makes them special:

  • Ability to transverse the Universe: Mastery of the various modes of traveling using advance techniques like out of body travel and travel meditation. Also the ability to break through the locks that keep the human self enclosed in the physical reality system. A Magical Dragon is free to go to other reality creating systems and higher dimensions. The Aethyr NIA helps you develop these abilities.
  • Detachment and the Ability to Transcend glamour and temptation: This involves mastery over the City of the Pyramids in VTA, aligning yourself with divinity above all else.
  • Knowledge: Ability to cross the Abyss in ZAX, and the ability to overcome evil, darkness, and fear.
  • Understanding: Knowledge and Conversation with your “Holy Guardian Angel” obtained in ZID. You gain spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and insight from this union and complete your human training.
  • Love & Compassion: Understanding of compassion and love in all of its many aspects, and therefore mastery of DEO.

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  • * I call KEKI Spire the Dragon's Tooth because, well, it looks like one.
  • Becoming a Magical Dragon is not necessary to graduate out of the physical development system or DEO. However some individuals possess a warrior's spirit and want to help protect and defend others and the universe. If this is your calling then your time here in DEO will be more involved. Magical Dragons are also forged in the Tree of Life training system. However usually Dragon training will involve some Aethyr training to complete the skill-set needed, and, of course, regardless, the trials in DEO must be faced to become a full Magical Dragon.
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