Aethyr DES, Untamed World

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RC Radio: DES, Ego and Spirit

DES [pronunced dez or dee-ess] is an untamed world, as far as your ego is concerned. Your ego is the part of your physical self that is responsible for making rational decisions, protecting your physical body, and your quality of life.

Your ego is you of course. It is the “you” that you are intimately aware of in physical reality. Your ego however is only a small part of a much larger self. In physical reality, your larger self takes a back seat so that your ego can operate properly. This larger part of consciousness I like to call the spiritual self, because its awareness spans many other realities besides the physical one. For example, probabilities, past, and future are places that the spiritual self can easily walk. As such, the spiritual self has access to a much greater portion of reality and is more aware of the big picture of your evolution.

Your ego is a tool for the spiritual self. It is used to make sure everything goes smoothly while you occupy physical reality. However these other parts of reality that ego cannot go into, very much contribute to the final product in your physical life. It is the spiritual’s self job to present these things to the ego. However if your ego is locked or bound too tight, this information may never reach the physical self. This over binding is often the case in physical reality because spirit being an intangible is often dismissed as fantasy. Eventually the ego thinks it is supreme and it will take no advice from the spiritual self. I call this ego-bound and it is a condition many people find themselves in.

At some point your ego must confront this larger spiritual self and learn to yield to it when necessary, especially if you are ego-bound. This process begins with your encounters in DES. Out of physical reality the ego has little power or ability. You find this out in DES. If you try to solve the problems or puzzles put in front of you using your ego or your limited physical mind, you will fail. Here spirit is trump and you must learn to allow your spiritual self to make decisions for you when you are in these higher reality planes.

There is a good reason for this exercise in DES. It is to show your ego that cooperation with the spiritual self can result in very good long term results. The proper hierarchy for the self, is spirit first and ego second. When you are within the physical body any immediate concerns should be deferred to the ego. However the larger long term decisions in your life should be made by the spiritual self.

To understand the difference in ego and the spiritual self, let me show you an example. Let’s say that the spiritual self requires more interaction with others to meet its spiritual goals. It will communicate this need to the ego. The ego would then start scanning physical reality for a way to accomplish that goal. It may decide that getting a job would satisfy that query and then go out and create that job. At the new job you then have the interaction with others that your spiritual self needs. Now while the spiritual self communicated its need to the ego, it did not prevent the ego from making the final decision, as that decision was based on physical components, location of the new job, ease of access, and what the job entails.

When you first enter DES, the lower part will seem familiar. I often see it like a desert or a wide open space. But this space is very limited. By walking forward you come to the DES transit bridge, which takes you away from any physical like environment and toward the DES Sphere. This walking from familiar to unfamiliar is a way to force a disconnect of the ego, which has no clue how to operate in this reality, and a connect to your spiritual self.

You will be presented with various puzzles or challenges that must be solved. It could take on the form of some adventure or quest. Whatever you are presented with, if you try to use your ego to solve the puzzle, you will not get very far. You have to engage your spiritual self. This shifting of the ego to the spiritual self may take a bit to figure out. Take your time. Meditation is a way to loosen the ego and let the spiritual self through. If you are familiar with meditation, then you will know that when you are in this “meditation zone,” there is a distinct feel to your consciousness as it shifts to the spiritual self. It is this sort of switching that you need to accomplish in DES.

The goal in DES is to put ego and the spiritual self in the proper order and show the ego that working with the spiritual self is in its best interest. When you are able to accomplish the transition from ego to spirit enough times, you will beat this Aethyr and then be able to go on to the next one.