Aethyr LIN, the Void

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LIN [pronounced as lin, len, or more formally as el-ee-en] is where you lose your human form and experience reality without it. The test is simple here, identify yourself without having to fall back on your human self. You are energy! That energy can recompile itself into any form you want. However here, the test is to see if you can exist without any form.

Drop yourself into the void and see what happens! If fear grips you or you cannot stand the fact that you are completely alone in the void, you will be ejected from the void. You past the test of formlessness when you can exist within the void and accept that you and your reality are one and that you can exist without any kind of form for yourself or for your surroundings.

One of the things that hold people back from achieving out of body travel is that they cannot endure without their normal sense of self and form. They get to the out of body state but then fear rises in one form or another or they are uncomfortable and run back into the body. The body is a false form. It is not you. In fact the body is confining to consciousness. But being trapped in form for such a long time has made your human self feel safe and secure in it.

Here in the Void you lose form and hopefully your sense of who you are can transcend being just human.

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About this Picture: The entrance to a swirling void sits on an icy landscape. It distorts reality around it and beckons for you to enter.

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