Aethyr LOA, Ring-Pass-Not

a pathworking quest location

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LOA [pronounced low-ah] represents the line in the sand, as the saying goes, where you either stay in the lower levels of reality or ascend beyond. In order to obtain everlasting life, you must be willing to give of yourself to others. Sacrifice is a powerful word. In LOA you are being tested in your ability to sacrifice some part of yourself so others can be helped. Sacrifice does not have to be painful or even without pleasure. It really depends how you view the sacrifice.

There is a secret about ascension here. To push yourself upward, you need to also push energy downward. Helping others or making some personal sacrifices for others is way to push yourself upward to higher levels of reality. It is like a rocket. Without the massive burst of fire coming out the back end of it, it would just sit on the launchpad. This analogy also takes it further in that that this action needs to be is a continuous flow. If you were to just shoot off the energy for a short duration, you would fall back to earth. Same is true here, you must always give some part of yourself to others, to keep propelling your spirit upward to higher levels of reality.

This lesson is important as you will find two kinds of people here in LOA. The “Hierarchy of Compassion” (the White Brotherhood) who have dedicated their lives to helping others and the Earth, and their complement, the “Agents of Chaos” (Black Brotherhood).

The “Agents of Chaos” are people who have risen in spiritual understanding to this level but fully understand what happens with the Cup of Life. They shed their blood into the cup but only when it benefits them and only to keep them from falling back down to lower levels of reality. They rig the system in an attempt to keep their spiritual level without having to embark on the ascension journey. These “Agents of Chaos” are higher in understanding than the residents of the VTA Mansion, but have erected thick towers of egotism around themselves and are thereby shut off from the rest of humanity. It is a distinction involving the trap of spiritual selfishness; the ill-formed idea that you are better than another because you have obtained some rank of spirituality. To grasp this initiation and past beyond LOA, you need to understand that despite your spiritual rank, you are no higher or lower than any one else. Spiritual selflessness separates the light path from the dark path.

When you enter LOA you will be presented with some pseudo situation where you have to give of yourself to others. What that situation turns out to be will be dependent on what is going on in your life. To make your choice more relevant, the situation may seem life like and real, and you may not be conscious of the fact that you are in an alternate reality. You will be able to leave LOA and move upward when you complete the challenge. The Cup of Life will give you some spiritual energy upon your return to physical reality, for successfully completing the challenge and shedding some of your energy into the cup. This energy unlocks the levels beyond LOA.

About this Picture: Thoth stands with the “Cup of Life” (*Sangreal), holding it out to you. Do you shed some blood into it, in order to pass into higher levels of existence, or do you turn away and back into the confinement of the physical plane!

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  • ZIM and LOA are by tradition reversed in their locations on the Aethyr map from what I have laid out here. This ordering is intentional for the Reality Creator work.
  • Additional note about this picture. This picture is a re-adaptation of my POD “Wisdom’s Door”, from my February 25, 2018 Blog. In that picture, the walls are more defined and the outside of the doorway is clearly visible. Thoth stands inside the door in this picture. In the “Wisdom’s Door” picture, you have already made the decision to walk through to higher levels of reality, so everything around you becomes more clear. In this picture, the choice has not yet been made, so only the scrolls of knowledge are clear for you to consult. Clarity comes with responsibility but not before. You must commit to change before that change occurs.
  • *Sangreal: The Cup of Life seen here is a lesser form of the Cup of Sangreal, which we will meet again in the higher levels of reality. Here it bestows just a fraction of its power to you. Later the full aspect of the Sangreal energy is available to you. The Sangreal is also encountered in the Tree of Life higher levels.