Aethyr MAZ, The Translating Engine

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MAZ [pronounced “ma-zod”] is where you go to burn away your last remaining karma. Karma put simply is energy or attachment that anchors you to the physical plane. It can be desires, relationships, connections to places or others. These energy ties need to be neutralized so that you can escape the physical reality creating system and allow your energy to vibrate at its highest frequency.

The *Translating Engine will cause you to have adventures, which will simulate the real physical thing, so that you can burn away these lingering ties. In this way, no more physical incarnations will be necessary to neutralize the karma you carry. Of course, for this process to work, you have to do the karma cleansing in the Aethyrs below the spiritual plane that are specifically designed for karma work. The Translating Engine can only translate 10% or less karma. If you carry more than that, you will have to go back into the Aethyr system or physical reality to work out the mass karma first.

Your experiences here will vary greatly and be completely dependent on the karma you are clearing. This process can take time. It is unlikely that one visit here will clear you out. Keep coming back over the course of weeks, months, or as long as it takes for you to neutralize your karma. You will know when you are fully translated when you can come here and the Translating Engine does not send you on an adventure. Still, even if you do manage to complete your translating, coming back here while still physically focused will help you to keep any new karma from sticking to you.

Notes and useful information

  • *Translating your Karma: An old world term that means your karmic slate has been wiped clean from intense spiritual work. You can translate your karma more than once in a single lifetime if you incur new karma after your translating. Ancient spiritualists would try to translate their karma before they died. That way in the next lifetime their karmic slate would be clean.
  • The ARAGOTH karma healers come from this level of reality.

About this Picture: The Translating Engine sits in the center of the Oracle room in the temple at MAZ. Its energy arcs across the room waiting for someone to walk into its field and begin translating them.

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