Aethyr TOR, Black Lake

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TOR [pronounced like the word “tour” or more formal “tee-oh-ra”] is a place where your emotional control is tested. In order to understand and access the Aethyrs above TOR, you need to be able to control your emotional energy.

The quest in this place is fairly simple. You dive into the water and begin to swim. If you can swim to the opposite shore without problems, you pass the test. If however along the way you are overcome by your emotions or thoughts that create strong emotions, you have not yet learned enough emotional control to understand the Aethyrs above TOR.

To understand the mental nature of reality, which is the goal in the mental plane, you need to have good emotional control. Many of the things you experience in the higher Aethyrs can invoke very strong emotions, if you are not properly balanced. Even though you may be able to access these higher levels of reality, you may not rightly understand the lessons, and you could also create undo fear from your not properly understood encounters. For this reason, the test here is important part of your journey in the Aethyr Training System.

Swimming in the Black Lake can be refreshing for those people who have achieved emotional control. The energy in the lake is cool and refreshing, and it can help you to smooth over the rough spots in your emotional makeup. There is a strong mental component here. It is not merely a place with emotional energy, otherwise TOR would be located in the Astral Plane, not the Mental Plane. This mental clarity can come through while you swim in the water, as long as your emotions remain calm and controlled. Feel free to return here when you need to reacquire some emotional and mental balance or seek clarity on some matter without emotions disrupting or influencing your decision making process.

If you are unable to swim in the lake, then just walk into the water up to your waist and let the cool mental energy go to work on you to stabilize your emotions. As your emotions become more stable, on subsequent visits, go deeper into the water until you can swim.

The spirit guide here is the “Lady of the Lake” from the Arthurian legend of “King Arthur.” The lessons in the story and this reality are similar, in that even the greatest of ideas can fall victim to unbalanced emotional energy. However, for those individuals that can rise above the chaos of emotions and use them in a positive way, the magic and wonder of Excalibur is available to them.

Notes and useful information

  • If you are having trouble completing the quest here in TOR, visit VTI to help you gain better emotional control.
  • Crystal of Intent: Located in a cave in TOR on the opposite shore before you walk into LIN. This cyrstal shows your emotional state using color. It is a good test to help you uncover any leftover unstable emotions before moving on to LIN. Light Blue color seems to indicate a good emotional balance. It would be safe to proceed to LIN.

About this Picture: A serene lake is seen with the planet Saturn overhead. Saturn is the great governor. Its energy can be seen as a blessing or a curse, depending on which side you stand. This picture portrays the cool calm nature of the mental aspect of consciousness. However to experience this calm, one must learn to adhere to Saturn’s strict measure.