Aethyr VTI, Hidden Forest

a pathworking quest location

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VTI [pronounced vee-tee] is a mixture of higher spiritual thought and the lower physical self. It is an astral plane region, so it is strongest on the emotional energy within the self.

This is a world of your powerful emotions. Often you are unaware of the strength of your emotions or even how your emotions create your world. Here your emotions will be very strong, in a way that you cannot ignore them. The purpose in the Hidden Forest is to make the “hidden” become “seen,” and in this case, get you to acknowledge the powerful emotions that you wield in creating your world.

The High Priestess Diana is here to help and guide you along the way. She represents the raw emotional energy that you possess. However, she controls this energy carefully, using the “Staff of the Lunar Self.” She will help you to use your own inner” Staff of the Lunar Self” to create harmony around you by carefully wielding your emotional energy.

In VTI your emotions will create the environment around you. What shape the environment is in will show you the amount of your emotional control. A tamed and beautiful forest means you are doing well. Something more akin to the 100 Year War will show you that you need much more work before proceeding higher in the Aethyrs.

About this Picture: The high priestess stands in the forest as she exits a portal. Around her the forest is full of life and raw emotional power. Some stars can be seen in the forest and this represents the higher spiritual component helping to contain and harmonize the emotional energy that creates this world. The High Priestess exits a portal that comes from a higher realm. This indicates that spirit comes before anything else. The lower forms of matter are just projections from the Super Self that sits in higher dimensions.