Aethyr ZAX, Power 0n

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ZAX [pronounced as the word sax but with z sound instead of s or more formally pronounced as zode-ex] is the barrier that separates the lower planes of reality from the plane of spirit. It is a buffer zone and a place where those that are not pure enough for the plane of spirit to become trapped. To compound the matter of crossing the abyss, the archdemon *KHRONOZON (pronounced KA-RO-NA-ZON) sits and waits for those brave enough to try.

The energy in ZAX is volatile to thought. The best and easiest way to cross the abyss is to be silent and stay focused on your goal. If any lower thought or action sneaks into your mind, KHRONOZON will take this thought and turn it into, at the worst, a great nightmare, at the least, a great distraction. The ultimate goal of KHRONOZON is to prevent you from crossing his domain and gaining access to the plane of spirit, if you are not worthy. That prevention, for example, could take the form of being chased by a madman with a chainsaw or seduced by a lover. Either one would accomplish the task of preventing you from reaching the other side.

The Enochian word NIAKOD (pronounced NEE-KAY-OH-DEH can be used like a protective talisman to help keep your mind and emotions quiet as you make the crossing. However if you do not have the core mental and emotional training and stability necessary NIAKOD will not help you much.

It is okay to try and fail to cross the abyss. In fact, that is exactly what you are supposed to do. ZAX uncovers the last of the areas in your human psyche where weakness resides. Once you know what that weakness is, you can work on it, and the at a later time, try again.

Once you cross the abyss you will be in the spiritual plane. Once there, you must maintain your composure because even though you have crossed the abyss into spirit world, if you lose your mental or emotional control, you will be ejected and sent back to the physical plane.

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About this Picture: A icy path leads through a cold and dark reality. In the sky is the familiar “power button,” shinning like a beacon, promising hope and success in your journey, and reminding you that you are in a reality of your own making. Title of the picture as "Power 0n," with a zero instead of the letter "o" is intentional!

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