Aethyr ZIM, Garden of Nemo

a pathworking quest location

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ZIM [pronounced “zim or “zeem”], the Garden of Nemo, is often seen as a lush and beautiful garden. Spirit is very strong here. It overpowers the normal mental plane energy, even though ZIM is a mental plane construct. Here you get small taste of the spirit energy, before actually getting to the plane of spirit. It is also one of the few places where spirit element is strong and you still have a physical-like reality.

Here you get a glimpse of what a perfectly controlled spiritual energy can achieve. The garden here is produced by Nemo himself and his perfectly stable spiritual energy. Harmony and peace exists all around you. Also this is one of the few Aethyr levels below the Spiritual Plane where dark energy does not exist. As you know the Aethyrs contain light and dark energies so that you can learn to balance these energies within yourself and also come to understand them. Here however spirit is so strong that the idea of dark and light do not exist. Only spirit exists and its effect on the environment can be seen everywhere.

Nemo has achieved spiritual sentience. He is fully aware of his divine nature and he is able to bring that spiritual nature down into the lower planes below spirit. This goal is what you are striving for within yourself. Up to now you have only been able to bring spirit into your lower self for short periods of time. This will change as you reach into the Spiritual Plane. Then your focus will shift from holding on to the spiritual energies to figuring out how to bring them down into the lower planes. Nemo can teach you how to do this. It is a lesson best learned sooner rather than later, which is why the lesson comes now before you reach the Spiritual Plane. It is also one of the places you will seek to visit over again, even after you move your consciousness into the Spiritual Plane, because the goal here is to become a Nemo, which you will do when you reach the Aethyr level ARN.

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About this Picture: A magnificent garden sits among a night sky with the Godzilla galaxy and Neptune overhead. A lone hooded figure, Nemo, stands in the garden ready to receive visitors.