The Diabolical Triangle

Hermes' Blog: July 30 2017

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RC Radio: Diabolical Triangle, additional comments

Part of the Tree of Life pathworking system, "Resolution Point" (The tower, left picture), "The Plantation" (the devil, center picture), and "The Tomb" (Death, right picture)make up what is the most powerful combination of energies for human transformation that you will find in the Tree of Life.

My students and I refer to it as the diabolical triangle because these places can test the limits of what the spiritual student is ready to handle. However, these three places are the energies that can transform the human soul into a divine being.

The energy in these places combined is able to uproot a soul that is stuck in the mundane and bring it to new heights in understanding and in reality creating. Of course these energies are not easy as you are often dealing with very personal and desired parts of your life that have failed miserably. However, when the "shit hits the fan" in your life, these three places are the ones you should visit to wrench you out of the situation and get your reality moving again, and in a more positive direction.

The three places make up the full transition, from destruction, to understanding what caused it, and finally on to rebirth. You will not find a better way to transition yourself through a difficult part of your life than using these energies… if you got the nerve that is!

Light, Peace

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