Thought Birth

Hermes' Blog: October 10, 2017

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RC Radio: Thought Birth, additional comments

About image of the Day, Thought Birth: Thoughts are an amazing thing, if you ever took the time to examine them. Normally no one gives a thought any thought. (LOL!) You just have them, send them off, then go on to the next one. If you ever stopped to think about where a thought comes from and even where it goes after it leaves you, you be very high into the philosophical-land. How is a thought made? What is its purpose or purposes?

Consciousness creates thoughts through its own inner mystical process. It does this to change the fabric of reality. Thought energy interacts with E-Space and this highly volatile reality creating substance reacts to your thoughts and then eventually, if enough energy is gathered, will go on to create the very thing the thought imprinted on it.

In my book “Reality Creator I” I talk about the “Creation Mechanism” and how it changes thoughts into reality. The “Creation Mechanism” is really just a big E-Space repository. It is a high concentration of these particles and when you direct thoughts at it, you are like pouring water on seeds that surely will spark growth and substance.

Take care of your thoughts. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. They are the stuff that enables you to be the god of your world or any reality you are in.

The Big Bang that is believed to have created the physical universe, in effect was the biggest thought of all!

Light, Peace

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