The Magician

Hermes' Blog: November 15, 2017

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About Picture of the Day You are a magician! Did you not know that? Yep! I can say for certain that you are. Why? Well because just look at your life, whether it is good, bad, pretty, or ugly, you created it. Your world is a product of your thoughts, emotions, desires, and actions. I am sure if you thought hard enough you would find plenty of things that you wanted in your life and that you went out and got. That is reality creation on a physical level: setting your mind on a task and then accomplishing that task.

The Magician leaves nothing to chance. He understands how to create the stage, the ambiance, the effects, and the result. What separates you from being the magician is you do not know how you do it. Add that ingredient to your psyche, and there you go. You become the magician and your world bends to your will.

Be the Magician! You Create your World!

Light, Peace

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