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Spiritricity: What is it? Haircuts, Fat, Muscle, Vampires!

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One of the most important things a Jedi has is his or her spiritual charge. I like to call it spiritricity. It is your power or energy level that you have flowing through you. The amount of your spiritual charge determines how much or little you can do with it. Like magic, you can wield it and create change in your life.

At the start of the spiritualization process, Jedi learn fast how fast this super energy can evaporate. It can be frustrating to see it go so quickly, especially since you find out the magnitude of what it can do. This high-grade energy can create change in a few seconds to a few minutes. It is mostly good for the small things that crop up in life, but you can also spend some large quantities to bigger projects you are working on.

The Tree of Life Sephira known as Chokmah is where you get spiritricity. It is simple; you go there and just absorb the energy. Your battery recharges and then you return. But there are some quarks with absorbing spiritricity.

First you can only get a certain amount. You cannot hold more than you have learned to hold within the cells of your body. Over time, as you store the spiritricity, your cells will be able to hold larger charges. Also, there is only so fast the spiritricity charge can come back into you. Even visiting Chokmah and even camping out there, will only have the charge coming back at whatever your max recharge rate is.

So take care of your Spiritricity and use it wisely, like a commodity. When you run out you will get what I call a spiritual blackout. In short terms, that means a whole lot of feeling like crap and having no energy to do anything until your spiritricity trickles back.

About Picture of the Day

A Spiritricity Battery sits in the middle of an electrical like storm. These storms can often be found in Chokmah. Just like charging a battery, your nonphysical body can go there and absorb the charge.

Light, Peace

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