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Hermes' Blog: April 30, 2021

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RC Radio: XYZ Reality Bender!

This picture, believe it or not, is about freedom. What freedom is and the power to create your reality the way you would like it. In a group reality, true freedom is never 100% obtainable because your creations must fit with harmony into other creations. It is a dance and a song of sorts where the creative harmony of the collective gets together to see what they can fit into a reality individually and on a group scale.

Physical reality is one of these realities. Much of your physical reality creating power goes into what can and cannot be fit into that group framework. I think this is the cause for much frustration in people’s lives. On an unconscious level, you know you are a god (small g). You should be able to create this or that, but cannot. Your creation strangles itself, like a bird trapped in a vine. It is not that the bird is dangerous or unwanted, rather the bird does not reflect the current climate of the group mind.

However, you are never trapped. Not even in the most constrictive of group realities. The Creator always allows a way for you to express yourself, no matter where you may be in the Cosmos. You just need to find that way, push through it, and make your mark on your reality.

When the road before you is blocked. Go around! It is that simple once you realize it.

Light, Peace

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