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Binah is the sphere that harbors understanding -- though, at first, visits to this sphere will not reveal this meaning. Binah is a center of subterfuge and of hidden meanings and of secret things. Because of the obscurity of the inner meaning of Binah, it often is associated with beginnings and endings, birth and death, which are what results from the energy present in this sphere. However, the birth and death cycle is usually the end result of the much deeper and wondrous things going on here.

The energies present in Binah are linked to the Saturn-like influences in astrology. This Saturian energy often invokes understanding, but only an understanding through patience and time of the hidden and unknown. Saturn's energy is demanding in what it asks of the individual, but it never asks for less than the individual is capable of giving. For this reason, Binah is often perceived as dark and black because all colors are hidden within black. The color black veils the divine glory until time and understanding reveal it. This sphere is the place to seek the understanding of situations that have been difficult and obscure. It is a place of answers, but not until the time is right.

Tzaphkiel is the Archangel here. He is the Prince of Spiritual Strife against evil and, as such, makes a formidable ally against those that would do you harm. He can be frightening to those that are not ready for him but that is merely because of what he represents: the intense spiritual journey ahead that demands no less than perfection from all those that seek it. As such, those not seeking this kind of experience will seem to vanish from your life, as the energy of Tzaphkiel's presence will instill fear in those that are not prepared for such an encounter. It is said that only the weak and unprepared turn and run. This clich' can be very true when you walk with Tzaphkiel. However, through Tzaphkiel's assistance you can understand those things which confront you in life and learn to overcome them in the most effective, spiritual manner possible. The Archangel Tzaphkiel is also the keeper of the Akashic records, which, as you will see, can be revealed to you in time and with an increase in understanding.

The God-Force operating here is Jehovah Eloheem. This energy is responsible for the cultivation of perfection, which explains this Sephira's intolerant nature. However, for those that heed the lesson of time and patience, the rewards are great because Tzaphkiel will reveal (to those so deserving) the answers to all of their questions and put the knowledge of the Akashic records at the adept's disposal. Tzaphkiel also is responsible for bestowing upon you the gift of the black outline in your aura [The Theoricus / also the level BAG in the Aethyrs] and later transforms that black outline up to its highest vibration and majestic state, the velvet-black Ring of Solomon [The Magus or Ipissimus / also the level ZAX in the Aethyrs]. This black outline, in the early stages of spiritual development, is very important because it too hides the divine glory within the individual until the time is right. That time becomes right when Tzaphkiel transforms that simple black outline into its full stature and glory: the Ring of Solomon. At this point the individual is ready for true understanding and wisdom and can now use the full power of Binah as a positive force in the Universe. Prior to this point, the power of Binah remains dormant and inaccessible from the student because this energy is capable of much destructive power without the wisdom that must come with yielding such force.

The ARALEEM are the Angels working under Tzaphkiel. They are known as the "Strong and Mighty Ones," which is appropriate because they are often needed to help sustain you long enough through strife, to achieve the necessary understanding of this sphere. They are also called the Thrones, and have been appointed to watch over the grass, trees, fruit, grain -- in essence, all of Mother Earth. The ARALEEM can help you to understand the intimate relationship you have with all of the Earth and help you to understand that everything that is done to the Earth will ultimately affect everyone, even yourself. As such, this nurturing energy in Binah is feminine, though often this energy is mistaken as masculine because of its demanding and unyielding nature. However, it is that maternal insistence that nurtures and kindles the young, with love and care, and which enables them to grow up into strong adults.

The virtue awakened in this sphere is that of silence. This is appropriate in that silence is necessary to hear, and through hearing comes understanding. Also, silence is the only way to defeat the archdemon Khoronzon and cross the Abyss that guards the spiritual realms. Here, in Binah, is where this lesson becomes forged, and it is here that you learn that silence is often a powerful weapon.

Now, entering Binah in an unbalanced state is not advisable and often will result in avarice -- the clutching on to of everything and everyone for your own use, rather than understanding that nothing in the Universe is separate and everything, no matter what, is forever a part of the soul. A greedy person entering Binah will experience no less than a living nightmare, for Binah is often a barren place and to be here is to be stripped of everything that you have, but yourself. Many people, especially the materially minded, can not identify with themselves without their possessions and this often makes Binah a truly frightful, but no less sobering, place for those of that mindset.

In Binah you come to understand that true understanding stems from knowing what you must struggle through and what you must let go of to grow. It is here that you learn the whys of the necessity of restrictions, of forms, and of limitations operating within your life. It is here that you touch and understand the mysteries of birth and death for what they really are, the transition of the immortal soul to a higher plane, purpose, and being.

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