Chesed (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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GOD FORCE EL (God the Mighty One)

Chesed is full of the energy of abundance. It helps you to learn how to create more from what you already have. It is a good place to go for acquiring the energy to start a new job, new school, or any new endeavor. Chesed is often perceived as very materialistic only because in today's day and age we associate abundance with money. However Chesed is much more than that. For example, health is also an important aspect of life, and Chesed can help you to acquire more of it. So if you are sick or need some kind of healing, don't forget to stop off at Chesed to amplify those healing energies within you.

Also, because of Chesed's amplifying nature it also is a good place to go when you are dealing with the laws of chance. Chance is nothing more than manifestation of something from nothing and of course that falls into the energy of abundance.

Now the lesson in Chesed is that of obedience. It is by being obedient to details or to the laws of nature that you are able to manifest abundance. When you disregard the natural processes then you go against the universe's energy of abundance and you will experience lack or poverty in that area.

Obedience to natural laws leads to obedience to your inner spiritual self. It is this self that is in harmony with the universe and this self that must eventually be followed if you want to manifest abundance in every aspect of your life. The real esoteric purpose of Chesed and in the mystery schools was to amplify and bring out the spiritual quality of obedience from within the adept. After this spiritual quality was properly cultivated the laws of abundance activated naturally and all things from life flowed to the adepts. For this reason Chesed has often been seen as a sphere of acquiring wealth or luck. However the real truth is that it was the adepts strict following to their holy inner self that lead them to manifest these things in their lives.

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