Chokmah (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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GOD FORCE YAH (Divine, Ideal Wisdom)
SOUL HAI-YAH (Life Force)

Knowledge must become wisdom for it to be useful and put to good use in harmony with the universe. So here in Chokmah you learn how to turn knowledge into wisdom. For this process to work you must put into practice what you have learned, for it is the application of knowledge that forges it into wisdom. To ensure that knowledge is applied correctly the energy in Chokmah is very spiritual. This energy naturally pulls you toward spirit like a magnet pulls metal to it. This action helps to ensure that you apply what you have learned in a harmonious manner with all that is.

Chokmah is also very close to the Abyss (a dark place where the demon Khronozon lurks to detract you from your task). You could say that on one side of Chokmah is Atmic plane of spirit and on the other the pull of the Abyss. Which way you go is ultimately up to you. However if knowledge is to become wisdom you will have to let go of your lower urges and passions for the higher more lofty ideals of spirit. You see! If the energy of spirit is not strong enough within you then Khronozon will be successful in turning your knowledge against you and that knowledge will remain in its unpure state. So here in Chokmah you absorb spiritual energy so you can overcome the lower pull to misuse this knowledge, as is so prevalent on the earth plane.

If you are successful in Chokmah you should sense only pure spiritual energy, harmony, and song. If not you will find your lower passions quickly erupting and then you will be thrown out of Chokmah. You can only stay in Chokmah for as long as you can keep focused on your higher spiritual self. This action makes Chokmah a great place to go when you want to test how strong spirit flows through you. Also how you fall out of Chokmah is a good clue as to what you need to work on to perfect yourself further, because if Khronozon was able to use this against you, then it needs to be worked on.

So seek Chokmah out when you feel you need a dose of spiritual energy, or if you want learn what keeps you from walking in the light of spirit and turning your knowledge into wisdom.

One final thing, it is said that in Chokmah you get to see God in Kether you get to meet God. In this way, Chokmah acts like a magnet pulling your upward and transforming your human self into the divine.

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