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Gateway from Priestess Heights

Gateway from the Stage

Gateway from Stonehenge Campground

Abyss Tarot Card

While it is not shown on the typical Tree of Life Map, standing between Kether and all the Sephira below is the Abyss. The Abyss is a zone of silence and darkness that will not let anything that is NOT spiritually pure pass through it. A normal crossing over the Abyss and into Kether could require years of hard work and determination to purify your soul. However in the Tree of Life it has been made much **simpler.

With the Tree of Life tarot we have three special gateways or entry points to get you to Kether without having to cross the Abyss and invoke the traditional test that must be passed. These gateways will bypass the Abyss and allow you entry to Kether directly. You access these from either Priestess Heights (high priestess), the Stage (magician), or Stonehenge (fool). To make it more interesting, each of these entry points will take you to a different part of Kether. However before you get to use the gateway of your choice you may encounter Khronozon.

Khronozon serves spirit by blocking or filtering access to Kether, so that only the highest and pure energies can enter there. It is how Kether is able to maintain its very high spiritual vibration. If the lower human energies were allowed to pass into Kether, it would degrade to a lower energy and not be very useful in terms of your evolution. So, at a gateway entrance, Khronozon will filter your energy of any lower energies and point out to you what you need to work on so that you can remain in Kether long term. Think of this trip as a day-pass into Kether, so you can partake of the cool things in that realm and bring back some of the high-grade energy of spirit that is there. If you want to stay long term (in not having to reincarnate again into mortal life), then you will need to remove all the things that keep you from vibrating at the Kether frequency. But, while you are working on that, at least with the gateway system and your day-pass, you can get into Kether. Keep in mind, though, in order to use any of the gateways, your vibration still must be at the high end of the Tree of Life spectrum. It would be very difficult, if you have not traveled through all the Tree of Life tarot card locations prior, as Khronozon will block you if your vibration is too low.

The Quest & Gifts

The main quest is to choose a gateway and cross it into Kether. If Khronozon is there he may point out to you any areas in your life that you need to work on. Make note of it. He may also give you the "Shield of NIAKOD." It is a small disc that sits in the palm of your hand and can protect you from dark energy attacks. After the exchanged with Khronozon, or if no one is there, walk thorugh the gateway. If you get nervous you can use the protective word “NIAKOD” (pronounced nee-kay-oh-dah) or your shield if you got one to help you feel better. You should pass uneventfully to the other side. Now, your quests from here will be different depending on what gateway you took.

Crossing from “Priestess Heights” (high priestess) into Kether City: In the northernmost part of Priestess Heights (high priestess card) you will find the gateway. This gateway will take you to Kether City. It is located on the southernmost part of Kether. It resembles a human-like city with buildings and structures. It is meant as a place for the new arrivals into the spiritual realm to feel comfortable, having similar things they can relate too. Much of Kether is formless or made of areas where form is not stable. But in Kether City form is fairly consistent. When you exit the gateway you will see the Guardian Building, a large pyramid shaped structure that contains the Light-Forge (and other energy transformation tools) to change your Hercules Armor to a higher form and add the mental weaving to protect you from mental attacks and mind control. Also, near by you will see a square structure that houses the Inner City. You will find Spirit Academy there and be able to get your own apartment to help anchor your consciousness in Kether. Read full quest details here!

Crossing from the “Stage” (magician) into Kether Transit Hub: This gateway can be found by walking through the galaxy hologram at the back end of the Stage (magician card) location. This gateway will deposit you in the southeast side of Kether known as Kether Transit Hub. In this part of Kether you can find various modes of transportation to take you to the many places that exist in Kether. Kether is large, a very very large place. It encompasses the Great Central Sun in the center of the Galaxy. This transit system will help you to discover the various highlight places that you can go to from here. Read full quest details here!

Crossing from “Stonehenge” (fool) into Stonehenge Garden: This gateway will deposit you in the southwest side of Kether at Stonehenge Garden. There is an important quest here: the merging with your ***HGA (highest human self). In the portal room under Stonehenge Campground you began the reconnection with your Soul. A necessary step in this process is a one time blending with your highest human self. It results in creating a permanent divine spark within you. It is like having a direct link to the creator inside you, and it completes the human part of your training. Now you have to learn how to become a divine being, which of course will continue as you explore the rest of Kether. Read full quest details here!

Other Gifts and things to do

  • Shield of NIAKOD: protects you from dark energy attacks and can be used to bolster confidence when crossing the Abyss.
  • Mental Armor upgrade: protects you from mental attacks and mind control. It is added to your Hercules Armor you got in Hero Academy
  • Merging with your HGA: Completes your human journey and begins your reconnection process to divinity.
  • Hermes Unoffical Rock and Roll song for this location: Horse with no Name by America


  • One sure sign that you are in Kether is to see the Kether-Pulsar in the sky.
  • ** You can look at the traditional Aethyr crossing of the Abyss by going to the arcticle on ZAX. But please keep in mind that ZAX is for a different kind of training experience than the one we are doing here with the Tree of Life tarot. The ToL Tarot has its own HGA merging as you can see from the link in above note.

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