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This Sephira is the secret Sephira. It is located on the crossway between Binah and Chokmah. It lies below the Abyss and is inexplicably linked to Binah and Chokmah. It also connects directly to Kether, through the Abyss, however this conduit is for pure energy transfer only and not for use by travelers.

In many texts, Daath is not even mentioned. In other texts, they merely say that it is not a real place, but that it is just the result of the tidal forces between the Sephirah Binah and Chokmah. However, the Sephira Daath is an actual Sephira. It is hidden and access to this Sephira is limited to only the most adept of students.

Daath is the Sephira of creation. It is here that the tidal forces of positive and negative come together to be used for the benefit of the physical developmental system. It is here where the polarized energy pours forth from the Abyss and becomes manifested into forms, such as your physical universe. As such, it is a very powerful and ominous place. The forces of positive and negative are kept in tight abeyance here, and this tension can be felt at all times, upon visiting.

Now, upon your first few encounters in Daath, you will seem to be alone. The inhabitants here do not like strangers and will not show themselves to you, until you and they are comfortable. So, at first, this Sephira may appear lonely and inhospitable. Also, it is a dark place, with dark greens and yellows and blues and greys about. In fact, it will be hard to distinguish colors while here. Daath also possesses a kind of electric to its atmosphere. This electricity is due to the enormous power that flows through this Sephira. You may feel a buzzing in your head (brow center) while here. This buzzing is the energy as it moves too and fro.

When the inhabitants do show themselves, don't expect parties, fun, and games. The angels here are dedicated to their work, and they take that work most seriously. They are absolute in their ability to control their thoughts and direct the energy just when and where it has to go. These angels are master reality-creators, and their intellect can not be paralleled by any other. Ninth level healers come from this Sephira too, and, if you have ever had the opportunity to meet with these angels, either in meditation, in dreams, or during a healing, you will know what we mean by their seriousness. Their total focus rests to the task at hand and nothing else matters until that task is complete.

For a high-level magician (like a Magus), there is much to learn from the beings here. For one thing, their dedication to duty and how they achieve quick results, by being able to finely focus thoughts and energy, is unmatched. Seeing the expression on just one angel's faces here will tell you much. In many ways, Daath is a mental place, born of discipline and focus and intent. It also is a place to learn the value of being charged at all times, for the energy here is always high and always ready to be applied and used. It's not a stagnant place either. For the energy here must be directed and sent out, otherwise the tidal forces would build and rip the Sephira apart.

The Archangel here is called EKENOR. He will come to you in time, but not before you have had a chance to look around and meet with some of the other angels. He can help you to direct and focus your energy but he will do this by setting up tasks for you to complete. These tasks will accomplish this learning and in the process cement-in the information. Some other Archangels, in the other Sephirah, will just give you the information you seek. Not so with EKENOR. He expects that if you want to know the answer to something than you want to use it. So, don't be surprised if you are put to work, shortly after meeting with this entity.

Now, you can go to this Sephira when you need absolute power over something. However, be warned that karma operates very intently with this energy, and, if whatever it is you are using this energy for is not for the best good, you will reap the karmic results.

As you can see there are several reasons why this Sephira was kept a secret throughout the years. However, for the carefully minded student that has achieved a sufficient level of spiritual expertise, it can be an invaluable learning tool as well as a great source of energy to create your world with. Use care and caution here, and you will do fine.

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