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ToL Tarot Quest Location Introduction

Kether: (Crown)
Greater creativity; any ending information; inner spiritual quest and its causes and attainment; union with God. (color = white / archangel = Metatron / Angelic order = Chaioth ha-Qadesh / God-Force = EHEIEH)

Chokmah: (Wisdom)
Greater personal initiative; a source of energy which puts things in motion; Father-type information; realization of one's abilities; realm of receiving energy and of seeing God. (color = grey / archangel = Ratziel / Angelic order = Auphanim / God-Force = YAH)

Daath: (Knowledge)

Binah: (Understanding)
Greater understanding of sorrows and burdens; Mother-type information; understanding on its deepest level; for strength through silence; understanding anything secretive. (color = black / planet = Saturn / archangel = Tzaphkiel / Angelic order = Aralim / God-Force = JEHOVAH ELOHIM)

Chesed: (Mercy)
Greater sense of obedience to higher self; financial gains, opportunities; building the new; justice; abundance; prosperity; hearing the inner call. (color = blue / planet = Jupiter / archangel = Tzadkiel / Angelic order = Chasmalim / God-Force = EL)

Geburah: (Strenght)
Greater energy and courage; for tearing down of old forms; for change of any kind; critical judgment; information on enemies and discord. (color = red / planet = Mars / archangel = Khamael / Angelic order = Seraphim / God-Force = ELOHIM GEBOR)

Tiphareth: (Beauty)
Greater and higher sense of devotion; all matters of healing, life and success; for harmony on any level and any matter; awakening of Christ consciousness; glory and fame; realm of teaching, classrooms, and healing centers. (color = yellow /planet = Sun / archangel = Raphael / Angelic order = Malachim/ God-Force = JEHOVAH ALOAH VA DAATH)

Netzach: (Victory)
Greater unselfishness; understanding and energy power in relationships; sexuality and elements of nature; creativity and the arts; love and idealism; realm of the fairy kingdoms. (color = green / planet = Venus / archangel = Haniel / Angelic order = Elohim / God-Force = JEHOVAH TZABAOTH)

Hod: (Glory)
Greater truthfulness; revealing of falsehood and deception around us; greater ability in communications, learnings, magic, wheelings and dealings. (color = orange / planet = Mercury / archangel = Michael / Angelic order = Beni Elohim / God-Force = ELOHIM TZABAOTH)

Yesod: (Foundation)
Greater sense of true independence and confidence; greater intuition and psychic ability; mental and emotional health; dream work; understanding and recognition of the tides of change; visions of the workings of the universe; realm containing one of the access points to the Akashic records. (color = violet / planet = Moon / archangel = Gabriel / Angelic order = Cherubim / God-Force = SHADDAI EL CHAI)

Malkuth: (Kingdom)
Greater ability to discriminate in your life; to overcome a sense of inertia in life; physical health problems of self and others; affairs of home; greater self discovery; elemental life; realm of the saints and spirit-guides. (color = olive / planet = Earth / archangel = Sandalphon/ Angelic order = Ashim / God-Force = AH-DOH-NAI MEL-ECH)

Tarot & Tree of Life 

Besides the main Sephira locations there are other locations that you can visit in the Tree of Life. These locations correspond to the Major Arcana Tarot cards. They are stopping places between the major points but often just as important. Good lessons can be learned by visiting these places as well. Below is a diaghram of where they are located and the lesson you may find there.

  • Fool: Foolish, gaiety, new beginnings
  • Magician: Magick, power, reality creating, manifestation<
  • Empress: Fertility, nurturing, bearing children
  • Emperor: Government, rulership, powerful person, authority
  • High Priestess: Seduction, desire, a temptress
  • Hierophant: The church, religion, spiritual teaching,
  • Lovers: Relationships, love, partnership
  • Chariot: Greatness, achievement but at great effort
  • Justice: Justice, equalizing force, the law
  • Temperance: Feelings, harmony, self restraint
  • Strength: Strength, courage, the power to subdue or contain
  • Hermit: Wisdom, ancient knowledge, seclusion
  • Wheel of Fortune: Unexpected luck, good fortune
  • Hanged Man: Voluntary sacrifice, self imposed limitation
  • Death: End of a matter, letting go so new growth can take place
  • Devil: Obsession, lust, uncontrolled emotions
  • Tower: Destruction, desolation, sudden and abrupt change
  • Star: Hope, faith
  • Moon: The unknown or unconscious, psychic force
  • Sun: Charity, optimism, trust
  • Judgment: Decision on matter, court ruling
  • Universe: Perfect conclusion of a matter, achievement, triumph

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