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In the "Altar of your Word" you learned about what your powerful Word was. Here, in the Hero Academy, you learn how to wield your Word safely and in harmony. The Hero thrusts his Word outward and uses it to change his reality, hopefully in the most positive way possible. He does this by caring about others and their well being. So, the hero energy has two parts, one part action and the other part love. The energy of the Hero is dynamic and fluid, where as the energy in the "Altar of Word" is static. These two places complement each other nicely and create an individual that has great strength and the ability to act on that strength while caring about others. It is the high concentration of love energy from Binah that adds this additional and necessary ingredient to create a true Hero.

One of the first things you may notice when you come to the outside of Hero Academy is Binah overhead. It is very close and its energy is very strong. If you turn to the back of you, away from Binah, you will see Geburah. Geburah adds strength and Binah adds its protective feminine energy and love. Together they create Hero Academy, a place where you can explore the warrior and selfless hero within you.

Being a hero is about controlling your human strength and your spiritual strength. Geburah supplies the human strength and Binah supplies the spiritual strength. In this place the two meet and you must acquire the balance of the two. Human DNA is new to the kosmos. It adds some new ingredients to corporal beings. A human possess great physical strength that allows him to do not only the strongest of physical tasks, but also makes heroic action much easier to wield. This special formula requires the right mixing of these two elements and then they must be forged in the fire of love.

The Quest & Gifts

Hero Academy is a place of lessons and planning. As such it can be a place to meet with various spirit guides and engage in conversation about how to develop the Hero within you. You may find yourself in some mock battle or using some new protective device or armor while here, but these are just symbols for other things in your life. An important lesson here is the power in choice and understanding the consequences of your action. One place you can visit at the academy is the forge! (not shown in picture) You walk inside this place meet with the master smith (Tzaphkiel) and enter the forge device and the fires of Binah will wash over you and change your cold exterior armor into a warm loving and protective armor. You can meet with powerful historic figures (teachers), like Hercules, Thor, RedBull (aka Sitting Bull) just to name a few.

Do not think that just because you may not be strong or even heroic that you do not need these lessons. Because you do. Reality creating requires great strength, especially when there is great opposition to what you want to create. The human makeup is designed to be a bringer down of barriers that stand in the way. This great force can be used for good or evil, to build or destroy, hence the high concentration of dualistic energy. The powerful loving energy of Binah is also here to remind you that actions without love can have very bad consequences. So, while you may think this is just a warrior academy to teach you the art of combat it is not. It is really a place to teach you about love and how to wield your greatness with love and for love.

The one time spiritual gift here is a strategic mind. It is important to make plans and have a plan in place in the event you must act quickly and decisively. Strategy and patience is often needed for your long term goals. The Hero not only acts when necessary but knows when to act.

Other Gifts and things to do!

  • Thor's Hammer: to break down barriors, many other uses.
  • Armor of Hercules: obtained by visiting the forge within the academy.
  • Horseshoe: for luck and friendship.(can also symbolize Armor of Hercules)
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Tom Sawyer, by Rush

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