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Goldenoch Brew, Dark Carrier Water, Atlantean Rose Wine

HAS is one of the first locations that a newbie to the Tree of Life is taken too. It is such a versatile place that I keep new students in this place for weeks. Once they are familiar coming and going from HAS and have explored it thoroughly, I then move them into the rest of the TOL.

The Pub is a special place as it was one of the first places constructed in the nonphysical. HAS has grown and evolved over the years, and the Pub has too. I personally like the Pub the best, out of all the other places in HAS. Being in the Pub is just a wonderful experience. It is not easy to convey that energy in a picture.

The Pub’s original and of course continued intent in HAS was and is to be a meeting place for physical and nonphysical beings. Brotherhood is the main theme here. The Pub is very pleasant and cheerful and is manned by its own regulars, some of who are physical people out of body and others are deceased people who want to help or just plain nonphysical angels and beings. It also serves as a catch-all for newly deceased people, so they can go someplace friendly and familiar, until one of the *Honor Guard Angels come by to collect them.

I am often in HAS during my out of body travels and meet with many people and do what I can to help them. Sandalphon (known as John or Sandy when he is here) frequents this place as well, as it really is his work that makes HAS in general possible. John loves people and only wants to see everyone smile and be at peace.

The Pub is a social place and you will find it very unique in the TOL. Being social is a huge part of the human experience. Many other areas in the TOL specialize their experiences on you and your development. At the Pub you learn how to interact and help one another. You can get aid and give aid here. The Pub is about sharing the best of you with others.

When you get to the Pub, order a Goldenoch Brew (energy laughter), or Dark Carrier Water (cellular regeneration and healing), or Atlantean Rose Wine (feeling loved, giving love, self love) from the bar, and have a drink or two on me. These nonphysical drinks will energize you. You will find that these nonphysical potions can have a significant effect on your physical body. These substances are just the beginning of what you will receive along the way in your TOL journey. Welcome to the start of something wonderful!

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Teleporter: The blue box, which looks an awful lot like Dr Who’s Tardis, takes you to any place in the TOL, once you have been there using the HAS subway system. You must make the trip to the other TOL places, first, the long-way before you can go there using fast-travel. See Travel Tunnel chapter for more information on slow and fast travel.
  • *Honor Guard: Special nonphysical or physical beings that help a newly deceased soul to cross over to the nonphysical plane. They ease the transition and then take them to Tiphareth for healing and self examination.
  • Sandalphon is the Archangel that presides over Malkuth. You can meet him unofficially here at the Pub. However, officially, to continue your TOL journey, you will need to meet him at his residence at Castle Sandalphon before you can move on to higher TOL places than Malkuth.

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