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The first place we are going to visit is HAS Station. Your TOL journeys will often begin with the HAS Subway System. The HAS Subway System connects to all the TOL places. Typically you will enter the main tunnel, get on a train, then ride the subway to your destination. In our very first adventure the destination will be HAS Station.

If you have never done travel meditation then making it to HAS Station is a monumental leap in your abilities and in your spiritual journey. As they say, every journey begins with a first step. This is your first step. At the end of this chapter is a guided travel meditation to help you along the way. You can also reread the chapter on Travel Meditation to help anchor the basics of the skill. Study the picture at the top of this page and also the picture of the "Brotherhood" and the "Transition" tarot cards to help you focus on where you are going. It also may help to read this chapter over a few times.

HAS Station is not very big. It really is a place where you get off the train and then ascend the stairs to take you into the HAS main lobby. In HAS Station you may also come across the street dancers performing for you. You could also meet with spirit guides who can help you further along your journey or to help you find a train to take you deeper into the TOL. Anyone you meet at HAS station will be pleasant, fun, and helpful.

The beggar has become a staple in HAS Station. What train station would not be complete without a beggar! If you give the beggar a gift, that gift will be returned to you three fold in some way, either physically or nonphysically. Learning to give and receive are very important spiritual lessons. These lessons begin here and will be expanded upon as you travel the rest of the TOL.

Speaking of gifts, your first HAS Station gifts can come from the beggar and/or the subway conductor. The subway conductor gives you a reusable subway token. This gift gives you access to the TOL transit system. The token will never go away and can be used over and over again.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Subway Token: From subway conductor. Allows you to use the TOL transit system as much as you want.
  • Beggar: Give him a gift and spirit will return it to you three fold in some way.
  • Street Dancers: Can entertain you and lift your spirits. Stop and watch for a bit.

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