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Fate is a funny thing. You may think fate is not a part of your world when you reality create it yourself. But it is. This is a teaching reality. It is designed to teach you how you create your world and to reconnect your soul with the divine nature of the universe. This later part of the directive of physical reality is where fate can play a role.

Because you are a creature nested inside a teaching reality, you are unable to glimpse the complete nature of your choices. Some instances of what you may call fate, can be just scribed off to being the result of your normal reality creating. The uncertainty of fate can be negated mostly with reality creating expertise. This is why reality creating is important. If you want to remove the reality-uncertainty, then get better with reality creating. Fate however can intervene even in a good structured reality. When it does it often shows up as a reward for creating a harmonious reality. When fate shows up in a mostly negative inharmonious reality it often takes the form of karmic energy coming back at you. Karmic rebound is a way to stop a very bad reality creating that not only is hurting yourself but others as well.

Infinity Valley is located between Chesed and Netzach. Because this place is located halfway up the Tree of Life, it can be said that this is a place outside the earth. While you may not find it earth like, it will still be a breathtaking place. If you look into the sky, you may see the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of fortune and luck. It is the main energy of fate that can be added or withheld from your reality creations.

The “Fate Wheel” is here and it symbolizes the many ways and forms fate can intervene in your life. If your current life path sits on the upper portion of the wheel, then the Universe is helping your creation. If it sits on middle then the universe is withholding its helping hand from you. If your path sits on the bottom, then the universe is actually fighting your path because it takes you so far from spirit that every step forward you take it adds tremendous karma to your journey.

The Quest & Gifts

Merlin is the primary guide here. He can help you to understand why your creations are out of sync with fate or need improvement. Merlin is a spirit guide with an unpredictable nature. His demeanor mirrors the often confounding nature of fate in your life. Here in this place, it is not what you want that matters, but what the Universe feels is correct. This is a great place to go when you want to test your reality to see if its on track. Merlin will hand you a tarot card. Look at the card and then find it on the “Fate Wheel.” Where it sits on the wheel indicates how well your path is in harmony with the universal pattern you are creating. It will then show you the state of fate in your life.

There is a cave here. It is the “Cave of your Past.” If you enter it, you will see objects from your past that represent your journey to where you are now. These objects can help you to understand the often twisted road your life has taken. Outside, past the “Fate Wheel,” there is a road that takes you into the future. If your path is in harmony, you may meet people or guides on this road that may actually show up in your physical journey to help you on your path. If your path is taking you further away from spirit, than these characters may try to impede your progress. If this is the case, they are not evil, they are just trying to save you from a journey gone wrong before it is too late.

The one time gift here is the ability to spot opportunity. Spirit will often put things in your path that can help you move forward a positive reality or give you ways out of a negative one. However many times these opportunities go unnoticed. Well not anymore. After visiting here, you will recognize opportunity when it presents itself to you. Then you will have the conscious choice of whether or not to take it. Like other pathworking levels there are many secondary gifts you can get. The tarot card of representing fate is one of them.

Other Gifts

  • Travel Journal: Open the Journal and it will give you a word or picture to help you with your journey.
  • Potion of infinite Joy: Drink to help raise your level of joy and well being. Sprinkle on others if they need it as well.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Eye in the Sky, by The Alan Parsons Project

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