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The Ivory Tower is very pretty place where the sun shines and the grass is always green. However the lessons of this place are hidden. You may think it is about rest, joy, fun. You may also think it is about love, which it is, but not human love, instead it is about spiritual love. However spiritual love is only part of the lesson. The other lesson is about choices. The choice to follow the spiritual path or the mundane one. You are at a crossroad in your spiritual practice when you get here. It is time to choose if you will follow spirit into freedom and the higher realms or stay rooted in flesh and remain frozen.

Many people think the lovers tarot card is about meeting their perfect mate or lover or their earthly relationships. It is not. It is about your relationship with the "Creator" (divinity). In a sense the two of you must become lovers, if you are to move past the strong energies that loom above you in Binah, Daath, and Chokmah. These three create a choke-point where nothing that is not headed on a divine track can pass through. To remain in Kether and not be pulled back by the forces of these three Sephira, you have to make your choice. Do you lock yourself up in the ivory tower and forsake the spiritual path for a more sterile path, or do you complete your training and transition from a human being to a divine soul.

The Ivory Tower is located between Binah and Tiphareth. The strong motherly energies of spirit on one side and the power of spiritual knowledge on the other create this space. Knowledge and spirit must fuse together to create the upward current needed to draw you closer to Kether and its high spiritual energies. But this fusion must be one made from love and not from an intellectual perspective.

The moon and the sun take up a large part of the sky here. The sun represents the energy of Kether breaking through to illuminate your spiritual path. The moon represents the powerful and seductive energy of the High Priestess (also Daath location) that pulls you upward toward spirit.

The Quest & Gifts

Walk into the Ivory tower and approach the Librarian. He/She will show you to the book of your life. In this book is the chronicle of this physical life from beginning to end and everything you did and perhaps will do. This book however is only of what you have built on a physical level. It is not what you have achieved spiritually. Think about the things you have done in your life that show up in this book and see if they reflect an overall path toward spirit. See what actions took you further from spirit. Then contemplate what direction you want to take your future. Next take the book and leave the ivory tower and go find the spirit guide outside and sit down with him/her. This guide can help you to understand what the choice of following spirit or stopping your path may mean in your life.

This place is about your choice for the future and the direction to take. You can of course choose not to go any higher spiritually and stay in the Ivory Tower. If you do choose to move forward, the one-time spiritual gift is that spirit will never leave you. It will always be by your side. It will come when you call and be there when you need it most. If you have made the choice to follow spirit you may at some point meld with spirit. Melding is when the energy of spirit is mixed with your energy field. Melding is a special way to raise your vibration. It is a great loving act that spirit may wish to share with you. Typical spirit guides you may encounter: Sandalphon, Ra, Krishna, Saint Germain (or any being from the order of the violet flame). Visit this place when you have a difficult choice in life between the spirit and the mundane.

Other Gifts and things to do!

  • Spirit Flute: Bring down the energy of spirit and share it with others.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Dark Horse, by Katy Perry

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