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To get to Jedi Mountain, take the HAS subway train to the Castle Sandalphon stop. Then instead of going into the castle, walk to the nearby mountains in the north. You will see the "Jedi Trail" signs along the way. You will have to climb up the side of the mountain to get to the top. Do not worry, you are in your nonphysical body. It does not tire nor is it limited by physical-like exertion. In part, this journey up the mountain is a lesson that your nonphysical self is so much more than you are aware of. However the real lesson of this place lie at the top. After your first visit here, you can use the HAS transporter to take you straight to the top of the mountain, though, if you are like me, I like to take the climb, just for the experience of it.

You may meet other Padawan or Jedi at the top. This is a place of personal power and serenity, but it is also a place to meet like minded souls, people who share a similar journey as you but may be further along the path. Jedi Mountain speaks of the Jedi code of honor and strength, willpower, and service. The Guide here will be a Jedi. He or she will be a master of the force. The lessons you embark on here will help you going forward as Jedi or Padawan. If you are a Padawan, remember to return to this place once you become a Jedi, as the force will appear different. You have changed and so too will the force change to reflect what you need going forward.

Now, even though this place is nonphysical and you did not have to literally "climb a mountain" to get here. The symbolism on the importance of physical exercise should be noted. The amount of energy or force that a Padawan or Jedi possesses is dependent on a few things.

  • The amount of spiritual training.
  • The amount of practice at that spiritual training.
  • The quality of the cells in the physical body.

You are a physical creature and I am sure you want to use your force energy in physical reality. To channel the greatest amount of force, the cells in your body need to be in an "excited condition". That "excited condition" can only be achieved with some kind of physical exertion or exercise. It could be yoga, or cardo, or strength training or a little of each. This physical exertion will raise the quality of the cells in your body and excite them to gather and hold more force. More force means more power to change and alter your reality, physical and nonphysical.

The Force Master here may have special words or a task for you to complete. Listen to him and complete the task as best you can. Some tasks can not be completed in a single trip here. That is okay, like any TOL place you are meant to visit her often to get the best benefit from it.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Jedi Blessing: Take your sword out (or lightsaber) and hold it near the statue to receive a Jedi Blessing. If you are a Padawan, know that you are well on your way to becoming a Jedi. Come as often as you like to get the Jedi Blessing. (You can never have enough of a good thing!)
  • Some people have seen the Statue here as King Arthur holding Excalibur. The Arthurian legend and the Jedi journey are similar. How you perceive this journey will be up to your individual makeup.

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