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Kether City: Inner City

Location and tarot card

Kether is a large and often eccentric place. Form is one of the things that is often discarded when going to many places in Kether. To make adjusting to Kether and its ways easier, there is a human-like city at the southernmost place in Kether. Here your form will remain fairly constant and mostly who you meet will be human like in form. Here you can soak up the Kether energies without having to worry about adjusting to the seemingly chaotic nature of Kether and the Spiritual plane.

If this is the first time coming here, go to High Priestess Heights. Then get in a cab or walk north to the Kether Gateway. If you meet with Khronozon, make note of anything he tells you for later. Exit the Gateway and you will now be in Kether City. From here what you do can vary.

The Quest & Gifts

Hercules Armor Mental upgrade: When you exit the gateway you will see the Guardian Building, a large pyramid shaped structure that contains the Light-Forge (and other energy transformation tools) to change your Hercules Armor that you got in Hero Academy to a higher form and add the mental weaving to protect you from mental attacks and mind control. Go inside the Guardian Building and speak to the Master Smith. He will add the upgrade to your armor. The shape shifting instructor is here and also in Spirit Academy to help you with changing your form. Changing your form will become very important as you visit the more eccentric areas of Kether where form is not needed or is required to be different.

Inner City Apartment: Go to the large square structure and enter it. Inside you will see the Inner City. There are two things to do here. One, get your own apartment, so that you can anchor your consciousness in Kether. When you enter the Inner City you will see “Spirit Academy” on the left and on the right you will see the “Welcome Center.” Go to the “Welcome Center” to get your apartment from the attendant there. They can also help you with getting acquainted with Kether in general.

The Academy: Inside the Inner City is “Spirit Academy.” Go here to learn about spirit, connecting with spirit and how to do things like shape-shifting from one form to another and even into pure light. The rules in Kether are very different from physical reality or even on the nonphysical below the Abyss. The instructors here will help you to understand how to free your consciousness from its human confines and start thinking like a spiritual being. Welcome to Kether and to becoming a Freshman of Spirit!

Other Gifts and things to do, useful information
  • There is an Earth Portal here if you want to return to your body quickly and with mininum shock to your body.
  • Go to the Fountain of Spiritual Knowledge in Spirit Academy and meditate on it.
  • See also Hermits Cave for RC Radio show on Kether Apartment!
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: When Soul Meets Body, by Death Cab for Cutie .

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