The Meadow (Temperance Tarot Card)

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The Meadow is about rest, rejuvenation, and restoring balance to your energy field and your life, especially after a traumatic encounter or a rebirth from the Tomb experience. Only a fool will rush headlong into the next adventure before getting the proper rest and relaxation. Here in the Meadow you will find the tools and energies to help you gain back your center and gather the energy needed to take your life to the next adventure.

The Meadow is located between Yesod and Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. The energy from Yesod gives the place its fairly like quality, and the energy of Tiphareth adds the healing dimension. Because of the way these two energies meet here, the Meadow is an alluring, playful place and state of being. It is meant to keep you warm and secure and hold you here until your wounds are all healed and time has washed away the harshness of the past. The trick with the Meadow is not getting there but leaving and how long to stay. The energies in this place are so perfect and so calming that spending eternity here is not such a bad thing.

However the Meadow is only a rest stop along the way. Your journey is not finished but certainly some downtime is needed. Once you have that downtime, you will be prompted to move forward to your next adventure and on to greater glories that await you. But don’t worry, as a traveler of the universe you can always return to this place.

The Quest & Gifts

The main spirit guide here is a beautiful woman with short dark hair that may or may not be wearing a small mask. She is a goddess and goes by many names, some of which are: Eire, Eriu, Egeria, Silverstar. Whether or not she wears the mask depends on whether or not you need to spend more time here at the Meadow. If she wears the mask, you need more time here. If she does not, you may leave here and move on to your next encounter in life. You are healed.

There is a freshly picked fruit here that you can eat to help replenish your soul’s used up energy and bring healing to it. There is also a Gazebo to sit and rest in the shade. You may find this Gazebo familiar. It is made up of what is left of your last adventure but this time it is being built on more sure footing. As such, what your Gazebo is constructed of can be a clue to the new start you are making and what you are going to create in your life. The crystal ball from the Tomb is here and you can gaze into it to see your future if you like. There are also some crystals growing out of the ground that you can touch and they will help to fine tune your energy field and remove any leftover negative effects from your journey.

The one time gift here is the energy of temperance. It will give you the ability to understand the two sides of situations and to find a balance between the two of them. Many men of peace possesed high amounts of the energy of temperance and it is what made them able to find peaceful solutions when others could not.

Other Gifts and things to do

  • Stardust: Sprinkle on yourself or others to bring some spiritual magic into you/them.
  • Visit the “Sunzu Garden,” alternate Temperance card location.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Buddha's Delight, by Haley Bennett

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