The Observatory (Star Tarot Card)

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The "Observatory" is located between Netzach and Yesod. It is associated with the tarot card the Star. The Observatory is one of the first places you will come to that will allow you to travel to someplace other than the earth. If you enter the Observatory and look into the telescope, you will find yourself traveling to some off worldly place: a planet, star, moon, even another galaxy. Here you find that your spirit is capable of remarkable things.

The energy here is feminine and lunar in nature. It is subtle and refined. The light from the star illuminates but not like the sun does, the star illuminates with the glow of twilight. The energy here is good for rest and relaxation. But it is also good for wonderful adventures. As it is often from the throes of dreams that reality’s best adventures are birthed, so, too, here you can go on some extraordinary adventures.

One of the things you can do and meet with here are the extraterrestrials. Not everything you meet in the universe is human and here you can get to meet them firsthand. It is important to your spiritual progress to understand that the Universe is made up of many different kinds of beings all working toward goals. It is a narrow minded fool who thinks human kind is all that exists. Also located inside the Observatory building is the “galactic history of the earth.” This information can come in the form of books or crystals that you touch to read.

The Quest & Gifts

The main spirit guides here are often from the Ashtar High Command. They are an etheric group of extraterrestrials, light beings, angels, and ascended masters. They serve a higher purpose than just planet earth but that of the whole galaxy. They are very eager and willing to come to know you because you are a seeker looking to better yourself in spirit and light. One day they may even ask you to join their brotherhood and help in the goal to spiritualize the galaxy. Some quests in the Observatory may take you to one of the Ashtar space ships (nonphysically of course), where you will meet with them in their native environment and perhaps be given some task to accomplish for them.

The primary one time gift here is the energy of acceptance. It is important to accept what may be different so that you can learn and grow from sources that are alien to you. This energy will help you to open up and not to fear the strange or unusual anymore. After visiting here you may find many small fears dissolving away.

Secondary gifts again vary but some gifts are more common. The Telescope allows you to travel to far away nonphysical places just by setting your sights on it. The Memory Crystal will help you to remember your past and even your future. One of the higher level gifts is the gift of the Gear. The Gear symbolizes your ability to see the inner workings of things, either physical or nonphysical and to even repair them if they are broken using your unique talents. With this gift you are a mechanic of the universe.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Telescope: allows you to travel to far away nonphysical places (good for your OBE people)
  • Memory Crystal: Help you to remember details about a past event.
  • Gear: Gives you the ability to see the inner workings of things and even repair them.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Owner of a Lonely Heart, by Yes

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