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Priestess Heights, a beautiful and seductive city in the Daathasphere, is located at the center of Daath. The city sits between Kether to the north and Tiphareth to the south. This place contains concentrated spiritual energy of Kether, the instructional energy of Tiphareth, and the reality creating power of Daath. Note: In the north part of the Daathasphere lies the entrance to the Abyss and one of the three ways you can cross into Kether.

Knowledge in its raw form is static. Spirit in its raw form is static. However when you mix these with creative force (conscious will), knowledge and spirit become active. Like a seed, once the catalyst is added (water), it starts to move from its static state of being to an active one. So, in Daath, spirit and knowledge is turned into a seed of creation that when activated begins to break into physical form.

Priestess Heights is the capital of Daath. It is where the raw energies are allocated and put to use. It is a city in every sense of the word. It is full of inhabitants. They are called Daathazins. They are very serious minded beings that are committed to reality creation and maintaining the physical universe. Unlike the other Tree of Life tarot card locations, this place will be full of activity, people, and a buzzing of energy. You will see snow everywhere, but the city is not cold. The snow is actually the spiritual energy of Kether in its raw form. Frozen water contains energy waiting to be released. So, here, the conscious will of the Daathazins melt and combine the spiritual snow giving it purpose and life.

The High Priestess energy is a symbol of reality in the forming stages. Much undercurrent has to happen before anything gets created in physical reality. This is especially true for the larger creations, like relationships, career, etc. Being here will help you to sense these undercurrents and even understand why they are necessary.

The Quest & Gifts

Everyone that enters here gets a guide. There are no exceptions and this guide will be with you for the entire journey (even if you appear to be alone). The guide you get on some visits may be a personality from your current life, past or present. It will not be the actual person but the guide will look like them. Who this guide appears as can help you to understand that part of your life in which some hidden truths have yet to be discovered. Your guide here can change on subsequent visits. The High Priestess may show herself as well. You can usually meet her in the Administration building. (see below)

There are some key places worth mentioning. The Datacenter is the toroidal shaped pink/red building you see in the picture. It is where all knowledge is stored. One part of this datacenter is called the “Key Individual Archive.” Special people who contribute great things to the world are stored here in data form, their every thought and action. Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Plato to name a few. You can go here to learn about their lives and their contribution. Your spirit guide may even direct you to this place to look up someone in particular, because their life may help you with what you are trying to accomplish.

The “FirePit” is a Daathazin hang out. Like a night club, it is very popular and you may find yourself here relaxing and talking with some of the people. First highlight of the FirePit is the “Pool of Retention” which you can drink from to increase your memory recall. The second highlight is the actual pit of fire at the back of the club. Write a wish down on a piece of paper and toss it into the fire.

The pyramid like building to the right of the Datacenter is the Administration building. Top level spiritual officials can be encountered here, like council members, the extra terrestrial high command, and the High Priestess herself. You may also meet some ascended masters, especially the ones that govern each of the seven rays.

The one time gift here is a data spike. This reusable tool can be used to collect information about anything you need more information on. While in Priestess Heights, take your data spike and press it into a mound of snow. Then wait a few hours or days for the spike to send you back information. This knowledge will show up to you in the form of intuition or what seems like coincidence in your daily life.

This tarot card location is useful when you need to uncover knowledge or understand why some creation is taking awhile to manifest. You can peek here at its progress and even talk about it with your guide. It is also useful for gathering the force needed to ready a new creation that has not yet broke into form. For example, you are starting a new business. You can go here to gain ideas or just feed off the raw spiritual energy to help you gather strength and courage to move forward. Just pick up the spiritual snow and place it in a container to use later.

Other Gifts / Things to do / interesting stuff

  • Data Spike: to collect missing information from something in your life.
  • Spiritualized Snow: gather while here. Melt this snow when you need spiritual strength or want to ignite a creation into form.
  • Pool of Retention: located in the FirePit night club, drink from it to increase your memory or to remember something you forgot.
  • The firepit at the back of the FirePit night club can be used to help manifest wishes.
  • Key Individual Archive: located in the datacenter, a virtual representation of special people in human history that you can interact with.
  • Ego will not serve you here. This place is about knowledge and it use. If you show ego you may be ejected from Daath.
  • Energy has mass here and can be felt, seen (ie the snow of spirit), and contained.
  • The energy within the High Priestess Sector is very seductive and alluring due to the nature of all the raw spiritual energy.
  • Datasphereian: fragment personality that exists in Daath as conscious data.
  • Tracer: a Datasphereian who follows leads to uncover hidden knowledge. You can commission a tracer using your own energy to help you find some knowledge you need.
  • Desolution chamber: tracer that has done its job goes here and is cleaned and returned to the individual that loaned it to the Datacenter.
  • Healing Module: A medical facility that can restore lost memories or repair gaps in your memory.
  • In the north part of the Daathasphere lies a Gateway to Kether, one of the three ways you can bypass the Abyss and cross into Kether.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac
  • Upgrade to your Black Outline of Protection in your aura. Prerequisite: you have to already have gotten the black outline in your aura in Valhalla. And obtained the energy upgrade to your Hercules Armor for the mental protection update obtained in Kether City Guardian Building. If you have done that:

    1. Brain Building Priestess Heights

      Go to the Brain Building (left hemisphere) in Priestess Heights and obtain the Part A Vial with the green liquid.
    2. Next get the Part B Vial with the golden liquid, located in the Brain building (right hemisphere) inside Valhalla.
    3. Bring these two quest items to the Master Smith (Tzaphkiel) in Valhalla.
    4. The Master Smith will place you in the Forge used to give you the original Black Outline of protection and tell you to drink the vials.
    5. Then he will activate the forge and convert your Black Outline of protection to an even higher vibration.
    Note: this quest can be repeated anytime you feel you want to refresh your protection.

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