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Use the HAS subway system to take you to the Spirit Beach stop. Get off and walk a bit until you reach the shore. You can also take one of the boats from the HAS docks then get out and walk across the water to the beach. The method you choose to reach a certain place in the Sephira is up to you. However, sometimes the method used can effect the kind of experience you will have. Feel free to try all the alternate methods to reach a particular Sephira location.

Spirit Beach is located in the Southern part of Malkuth. In Malkuth-South, you meet the energy of inertia. The beach is a very quiet place, and it is very easy to just sit here relax and enjoy the sun and sand. It is a good place to go to rest up and contemplate the things in your life that you want to change.

However, Spirit Beach is only a rest stop along the way in your spiritual journey. You can’t stay at the beach forever, because at some point you will need to leave and rejoin your reality. This place is a very good lesson for those people that often drive themselves too hard forward and never take a break from their life. Living and reality creating takes balancing your active and inactive times. If you are more of the lazy type, then Spirit Beach will show you the things in your life that stand in your way and cause you to inaction.

The main gift here is the sunglasses. These sunglasses help filter out delusions and the vision of reality. Often times, we are blind to the things right in front of us preventing change. These sunglasses will help you to notice those things, so you can work on them consciously.

Sandalphon is the main guide, as he is in all of Malkuth. In Spirit Beach you will meet him in his casual state. He is often wearing Bermuda Shorts and sandals and just kicking back and relaxing. Sandalphon may release into the air or give you a dove. It is the gift of serendipity. Note: Some gifts to the TOL can only be given once, like energy and vibration upgrades and tools. The gift of serendipity can be received anytime Sandalphon feels you need it.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Gift: Sunglasses, used to filter delusions and blinding influences in your life.
  • Gift: Dove, serendipity (the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way).

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