The Stage (Magician Tarot card)

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In “The Stage” you meet with the second part of your active journey. You have emptied your vision from the Pyramid of Tomorrow and set your new self or creation into form. In the Empress location your vision was given birth, now, here, your reality is forming and you are seeing changes in it. Now you have come to the time of action and of steering your creation in the many directions it can go.

Once your reality creation is in full play, whether or not this becomes a positive experience or a negative one is up to you. You are the magician and it is your show. You will often have to choose the direction to take, positive, negative, good, evil, dark, light. Your creation needs your constant input and attention now.

The Magician is located between Kether and Chokmah on the Tree of Life. The spiritual energy of Kether mixes with the physically focused energy in Chokmah to create “The Stage.” It is a place where the will of the magician is made manifest. It is a place of magic and wonder, illusion, and grand design. You will not find a find a more potent place with the powers of manifestation.

The Stage is about using the tools you have collected along the way to direct the power of your will. The Stage is set, the script is written and the play has begun. Now you must deliver the part. You can choose to use any or all the elements at your disposal to deliver your performance.

The Wand represents the energy of fire, the cup water, sword air, pentacle earth. Put another way the elements of change, emotions, words and thoughts, and matter. These are the elements you need to direct your creation within time and space. You can consult the entity in the crystal ball if you need help on your journey, or do not understand the challenge or problem before you. The top hat is a symbol that you direct the magic and that some of this magic can be seen and some is unseen. You can decide what can come out of it and what stays in. The playing cards are a reminder that some chance and luck may be involved as well, but really the magician always knows what card he will draw, everyone else may think it is luck. The cape of illusion is to remind you that only you know the true nature of the reality you are creating. Others may not understand your vision and you may need to use the cape to shield the true nature of your vision from those that would seek to undo your work.

The Quest & Gifts

Houdini, Thoth, Merlin are some of the guides you can meet here. They can help you with the manipulation of matter and form using the magician’s tools. Some of the back stage hands can help you to understand how the behind the stage elements can be used to enhance your performance. And it is a performance. You are in the spotlight of your creation and how you choose to present yourself is up to you. You may want to cast more light on one aspect over another, or create thunder for ambiance. It is your Word and it is up to you on how you deliver it. The main quest here is using your spiritual tools, understanding your desires, and deciding a direction to take. The magician is about taking action in your world and owning that action. It is not a time to be idle or sit in the audience.

The one time gift here is a permanent energy upgrade of biblical proportions. You are with the gods now in a sense. You command the energies and you will now have the power to do so. Karma is something to be careful of, so if you have any doubts about direction consult the crystal ball to help you, or ask one of the main guides.

While you are here take time to pick up and play with the various tools and see what they do. They each represent a physical power or ability you have. There is much to learn from the guides here, so this will be a place you may want to visit often.

Visit this place when you need direction on a creation that is in action and you need guidance.

Other Gifts and things to do

  • Primary Gift: permenant energy upgrade”
  • Magical Wands: to help you with directing your will.
  • Cape of Illusion: to get help on your journey.
  • Violet Ball of Consulation: to find out about direction
  • Top Hat: a symbol of your magical power.
  • Magic Carpet: to help take you to places.
  • Deck of Cards: chance and luck at your side. (but really it is your skill that creates the luck).
  • Mage Cube: a nonphysical tool you get for completing your Magus training here. This tool helps to boost your reality creating power by amplifying what you put inside it many times. This tool is also avablile from the Aethyr level ZOM.
  • Behind the stage hologram of the universe, is a Gateway to Kether, one of the three ways you can bypass the Abyss and cross into Kether.
  • Hermes unofficial Rock and Roll song for this location: Welcome Back my Friends, emerson, lake, palmer

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