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Tiphareth University Healing/Learning Center is the main attraction in the Sephira Tiphareth. This hub of intellect and brilliance is a testament to consciousness’s desire to continue to grow and evolve. You can find just about any ascended master here as well as many angels, archangels, spirit guides, nonphysical people and the many human travelers that come and go in altered states of consciousness. It is a busy and hopeful place full of light and opportunity.

The main center is a large glass-like pyramid that houses the many levels and things that you can do here. Of course healing and learning takes place, but it is the scope of it that makes this place magnificent. From simple healing and learning to the creation of new body forms, galaxies and realities. If there is a project going on you will find it here.

You may often find very brilliant people here, past, present, future. If you are lucky you can meet people like Albert Einstein to Imhotep. Theses brilliant minds can help you solve real world problems or teach you a new skill.

Many of the newly deceased you may find here. This is the place where a person goes to examine their last lifetime, to come to understand the lessons learned and what was accomplished during their time in physical reality. They will often relive parts of their life in special holographic rooms.

The learning center uses very sophisticated holographic technology to recreate just about any situation you can imagine, including past life events that happened to you to reexamine in a new way. Some of your dreams that give you insight into some aspect of your life may come from this level of reality. Many people visit this place when they sleep, and you may bring back some memory of a dream that reminds you of being in the past and reliving some experience, but not in the same way you remember it. This could be an out of body event where you went here to work on this issue and end examine the probabilities around what happened. In these situations you can experience alternate paths not taken by you and where it would have led you.

Beside acquiring knowledge, healing is a big arena here as well. Healing can take on many forms in THLC, from a simple energy healing to a complete disassembly and reassembly of your psyche. While this healing center is mainly geared toward healing your nonphysical body or soul body, you can at times receive a healing that will transpose itself on to the physical image, resulting in relief or remission from some physical problem**.

Visit this place anytime you seek new knowledge or want to examine some aspect of your past or present, or even future. Come here for healing work or even to use your healing skill on others.

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  • ** You can also find healers in HAS to help you with physical healing work. These healers are usually dispatched from this place and sent to HAS to help those people coming into it for healing. If you do not have a lot of experience with traveling the Tree of Life, HAS may be easier for you to reach.
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