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Open Ages Terminal

When you reach the Kether vibration you are at a point where you are getting rid of negative karma faster than you are taking on negative karma. However karma still can be a troublesome mechanism to deal with, even at this level of your reality. Sometimes very old karma can be slow to be removed, or you could mess up (no one is perfect) and create new karma. Here at the “Time Tunnel” you can travel backward in time to remove some new negative karma you may have picked up or remove some long-standing old karma that seems to just hang around you.

Karma is the universe’s mechanism for equalizing actions. The idea is that what you do to others will in some way mirror back to you. So, if you are kind to others and create harmony, then that energy will come back to you. If, on the other hand, your actions go against universal harmony, then the karmic mechanism will start restricting your own reality creating to compensate. The idea boils down to the old simple phrase of “Do not do something to someone else that you would not want done to yourself.”

Still the karma mechanism is tricky. For those tricky times when you mess up without intending to do so, you can use the “Time Tunnel” to travel backward in time and undo the deed. This will (in most cases) remove the karma from your reality. Of course, for this to happen, you must understand the karma you have created and understand that it was not a good thing to do in the first place. No trick in the universe will have you remove karma you have not yet learned the lesson from. But, thankfully, anyone who is working at the Kether vibration should be at a point where they understand karma and its effects and the life-lessons.

You get to the “Time Tunnel” through the "Open Ages Terminal" by going through the portal indicated on the destination board. First, go to the “Kether Transit Hub,” then the “Open Ages Terminal “and then through the portal. When you arrive there you will be standing in front of the “Time Tunnel.”

The Quest & Gifts

The main quest in the “Time Tunnel” is to go back in time to some previous part of your life and change your actions there, if you feel they should be changed. You will have help in this process. There are guides here. Chronos the “Keeper of Time” is here and he can help you with understanding what needs to be changed.

Enter the “Time Tunnel” and keep walking. The tunnel never ends, so no need to worry about hitting the back of it. See the white and black bands of the tunnel walls go past you as you walk, while keeping in mind where in time and space you want to go. Then, once your surroundings change to your destination, you will be at the place in time and space that needs adjustment. Play out the event the way you want it to go. Then when you are done, you can walk back into the “Time Tunnel” to the tunnel room or just return to your body.

You can also use the “Time Tunnel” for other things, like looking up past events. Here you do not change anything but instead see what transpired. It can be a great help in understanding the past. If you do not want to change the past then stare down the “Time Tunnel” instead of walking into it and focus on the time you want to observe. Like a big screen TV, you will see the event form between the focusing nodes on the sides of the tunnel.

The Stop Watch is the primary gift here. You can get that from Chronos. It enables you to rewind time a few minutes, so that you can undo some action or thought (that just happened) that you feel may create negative karma for you. If too much time goes by, like an hour or more, you will not be able to use the Stop Watch. You will have to use the "Time Tunnel" to undo the event, as the karmic wave has already started forming at this point.

Other Gifts, other things to do, additional info

  • Primary Gift -- Stop Watch: rewind time a few minutes and undo some event that may create a karmic backlash.
  • Note: sometimes you use the "Time Tunnel" intending to be at a certain place and time and you wind up someplace else. Take this to mean that where you are now is where you need to act from to change the energy of the karma. Spirit always knows better on such things.
  • You can also use the "Time Tunnel" with no destination in mind and see where it brings you. That place you find yourself in could reveal things you need to know or understand.
  • Other gifts as we get them.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Time, by Pink Floyd

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